Clinic Volunteers newsletter- 26 January

We have had an amazing response from volunteers prepared to register as marshals to support the vaccination clinics in the Wokingham area. Whereas some of you may still be waiting for the chance to attend your first shift, we have had some wonderful feedback from clinic leads regarding how the extra resource has already helped the vaccination process run more smoothly for both the patients and the clinical staff. Whether you have been helping patients with parking, manning the observation area (following vaccination) or doing other roles around the clinics it has been really appreciated.  Thank you. 

The online booking system has been a work in progress over the past couple of months. Huge thanks must go to one of our own volunteers at the Wokingham Volunteer Centre, who has put in so much hard work and so many hours to create the system from scratch. As we have mentioned, the response from people wanting to volunteer has been phenomenal, which has resulted in clinics being booked up in record time (in some cases, less than 20 minutes!) If you receive an email from us regarding new clinic dates and then when logging in, you find there are no clinics visible, this means all the volunteer slots have already been booked. 

We are working closely with the clinic leads to understand the sessions that need to be supported and the optimum number of volunteers required. Some sessions have been cancelled owing to delays in vaccine delivery or patients being handled faster than expected, but we will always try to give you the maximum notice of any changes.  In addition, we are in discussion about broadening the roles for volunteers at certain clinics so we may have more to offer including admin roles. We will let you know if this happens.  

To-date we have supported 13 sessions at the Wokingham clinic in the Bradbury Centre; 11 sessions at the Lower Earley clinics held in the Salvation Army Hall Mon- Fri and in the Chalfont Centre on Saturdays. These sessions have been supported by over 180 volunteers. Sessions are only scheduled when there has been confirmation of a vaccine delivery and this is mapped against clinical and volunteer resources and patients are contacted to attend.  We are also hoping to start supporting clinics in Woodley in the near future. To those of you who signed up to help at possible clinics in Wargrave and Swallowfield/Finchampstead, we did offer our support to these clinics to provide them with volunteers, but we presume they must be using medical staff/other volunteers to help as they have not, as of yet, reached out to us.

The vaccination programme will continue for many months so keep an eye out for emails promoting new clinic dates and requests to sign up for specific dates and sessions. Your time and enthusiasm to help are invaluable to all those involved. 

Thank you again for your ongoing support from the Wokingham Volunteer Centre team, from the CCG, PCNs and Wokingham Borough Council.