Volunteer Update, Friday 5th March

We continue to have a fantastic response from volunteers prepared to marshal at the vaccination clinics and Lateral Flow Test (LFT) centres in the Wokingham area. Your feedback has been used to help the processes run more smoothly for both the patients and the clinical staff at all sites, and your ongoing support has been really appreciated. Thank you. 

The online booking system for volunteers allows you to register your availability for specific dates and sessions, and it is being managed by one of our talented IT volunteers. We have a new record of less than 15 minutes for a clinic being booked up, so if you receive an email from us regarding new clinic / LFT Centre dates and then find there are no clinics visible, this simply means someone else was quicker and that all the volunteer slots have already been booked. 

Looking ahead we are still working closely with the clinic leads at Wokingham, Lower Earley and Woodley to understand the sessions that need to be supported based on the vaccine deliveries each week. Although deliveries have slowed down recently (as vaccinations move to the mass vaccination sites for the younger groups) we expect an upturn again when the second doses are due for patients at the end of March-start of April. Hence, we will continue to need many volunteers to support the local clinics going forwards.

In the last newsletter in late January, we mentioned that roles may be expanded at the clinics. Volunteer admin roles may be introduced at some of the clinics offering second doses to the older and more vulnerable age groups. More information will follow on this role. 

To-date we have supported 33 sessions at the Wokingham clinic in the Bradbury Centre; 19 sessions at the Lower Earley clinics (held in either the Salvation Army Hall or the Chalfont Centre), and 2 sessions at the Oakwood Centre, Woodley. These sessions have been supported by over 466 volunteers. The clinics in Wargrave and Swallowfield/Finchampstead have not requested resources from us to-date as they continue to use medical staff/other volunteers to help. The LFT Centres will continue to run six days per week at the Microsoft Campus and Shute End sites, and a third one will open at Sindlesham Court on 8th March with volunteers required to marshal from 15 March

Since starting on 10th February, we have supported 51 shifts at the LFT Centre on the Microsoft campus and 44 shifts at the LFT Centre at Shute End. This has involved 194 volunteers from the WVC. 

The vaccination programme and LFT Centres will continue for many months so keep an eye out for emails promoting new dates and sessions. Your time and enthusiasm to help are invaluable to all those involved. 

Thank you again for your ongoing support from the Wokingham Volunteer Centre team, from the CCG, PCNs and Wokingham Borough Council. 

Helena Badger and Caroline Atkinson 
Vaccination Clinic Volunteer Team 

Sindlesham Test Centre

We need your help at the Lateral Flow Test Centre based at:

Sindlesham Court, Mole Road, RG41 5EA

In the calendar below you will be able to offer to volunteer for any days / sessions that have been scheduled so far.

Please select a session from the drop-down list in the calendar depending upon the time of day that you are available.

  • Morning Session : 0845 to 1200 Monday only
  • Morning Session : 0745 to 1200 Tuesday – Saturday
  • Afternoon Session : 1245 to 1600 Monday – Saturday

Please select a session from the drop-down list in the calendar depending upon the time of day that you are available. 

Once you have selected a session, days in BOLD will show days that volunteers are needed for that session on that date. Please select a date.

The time of the session planned for that day will be shown in BLUE. Please select the time of the session to confirm you are available for that time.

As clinic schedules may change at short notice we must now restrict registration to volunteer at one session each time. You can register for as many sessions as you wish, just one session at a time.  

Then complete your details below and confirm that you have read the Information for Volunteers at a Test Centre and press SUBMIT. 

Please only one name per registration to allow us to provide the correct numbers to the clinic. 

You will be sent an email afterwards to confirm the location, date and session that you have selectedas well as address of the clinic and contacts.

We recommend that you only offer to volunteer for one session per day.


If you cannot find anything convenient here, then there are other Test Centres that need Volunteers

Information for Volunteers

Please read this Information for Volunteers at a Test Centre.

You can read the Wokingham Volunteer Centre Privacy Statement related to information that you provide.

Last Minute Cancellations

The clinic calendar may be visible again close to the clinic date(s) to allow slots freed up as a result of cancellations to be selected by new volunteer(s). This will typically occur outside office hours as the scheduling system is not actively managed during this time. If a cancellation has happened then a slot will appear, otherwise you are advised that “No Session is available”. 

Clinic Volunteers in Wokingham.Today

Your efforts in volunteering at the vaccination clinics are recognised by the clinic staff and those receiving the vaccine as reported in Wokingham.Today both online and in print.

Thanks to more than 500 of you across the borough who have signed-up. If you haven’t been able to find a slot to volunteer at a clinic yet we will be posting more clinics sessions that need your support soon.

Without you, these lifesaving vaccinations could not take place.

Another Week and Another Thank You

Thanks to all of the volunteers helping at the Covid vaccination clinics at Lower Earley and Wokingham this week. Feedback from staff, volunteers and those attending for the vaccinations has been so positive! Here are two of our many lovely volunteers who helped out.